How can I sign up to receive news, property alerts and more?

Signing up for a user account is free and easy, providing you with the latest industry news and Cottage Marketer Property Alerts straight to your inbox. You can even save your “Favourite Properties” to easily reference and monitor these listings.

Rest assured that you can manage your preferences and opt out any time. Sign up for your free account now.

How can I advertise my property on Cottage Marketer?

Cottage Marketer is Canada’s leading marketplace for cottage and recreational properties, designed to help real estate agents place their listings in front of the largest audience of recreational property buyers.

If you’re a real estate agent and want to learn more about advertising a property on Cottage Marketer, please click here.

I am not a real estate agent. Can I advertise my property?

At this time, our website is dedicated to accommodating real estate professionals.

If you’re interested in advertising your property on Cottage Marketer, we’re happy to connect you with our list of Cottage Marketer agent members. These real estate professionals are all members of Cottage Marketer, and regularly advertise their client’s properties with us for maximum exposure.

To find a real estate agent near you, please visit our Agent Locator page.

I am looking to buy a property, what is the best way to use this website?

You’ve come to the right place! Cottage Marketer is Canada’s leading marketplace for cottage and recreational properties

Search for properties directly in the search area on our homepage, or select “Advanced Search” to search by city/town, acres, property type, or price. You can even save your search history for your next visit. Start your search for properties now

For further convenience, Cottage Marketer user accounts give you the ability to sign up for property alerts, and notifies you when a property that meets your search criteria is listed. A Cottage Marketer account also gives you the ability to save your “Favourite Properties” for quick reference in the future.

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Can I advertise my company on Cottage Marketer?

Absolutely! As you’ve seen throughout our website, we offer banner advertising positions to help companies place their products and services in front of Canadian cottagers.

For complete advertising information, please visit our Company Advertising page.

We hope these most common FAQ answered your questions. We’re always here to help you find the answers that you need. For further information, please contact us directly. Contact Us.