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Young cougars begin new life at Cape Breton wildlife park

Reference: CTV News

MIRA, N.S. - The new year is off to a roaring start at Two Rivers Wildlife Park along the Mira River in Cape Breton, thanks to its two newest animal attractions.
“We called one Stumpy, and one Grumpy,” said Wildlife Park manager John Huntington.

The two cougars have been at Two Rivers less than a week, but are already getting plenty of visitors.

They are both three years old.

Stumpy is a male and Grumpy is a female, both cougars had been orphaned by their mothers.

However, their arrival was bittersweet, they're replacing the park's previous cougar, Harley, who had been at Two Rivers for nearly ten years.

"We were notified that they needed a new home,” Huntington said. “So we had one cougar here and Shubenacadie was without a cougar. So we figured it was a good fit for us to take the two, and send one up there."

For people who came to the wildlife park on Monday, it was a chance to see the majestic animals up close.

"They're pretty incredible,” said visitor Michelle Hines, who was spending the morning at the wildlife park with three children. “You can really see how strong they are, and how intimidating they could be in the wild."

"Of course, we don't have any in Nova Scotia,” Huntington added. “Some people would disagree with that, they'd say they have sightings, but nothing (has) ever (been) proven. It's a good display for people to see a cougar, and see the difference in what they may be seeing in the woods to what we have here."

The two cougars proved a popular attraction during what was a busy day at the wildlife park, which was taking new bookings for what is hoped will be a busy 2022 camping season.

"Right now, the phones haven't stopped all morning,” Huntington said.

With the not-for-profit trying to survive this latest wave of COVID-19 like everyone else, the recent interest in the cougars will be a boost in getting through the winter months.

Wildlife park officials said that based on the typical lifespan of a cougar, the hope is that Stumpy and Grumpy will be fixtures at Two Rivers for at least the next 17 to 20 years... Read More