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Woman in Wales finds a message in a bottle. Now she's seeking the Canadian sender

Reference: CBC News

A woman in Wales is hoping to contact a Newfoundland fisherman after discovering a message in a bottle that appears to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in the path of her morning walk.

Amanda Tidmarsh, who lives in Ogmore-by-Sea, a village about 32 kilometres west of Wales's capital Cardiff, was down at the beach with her dogs on Aug. 6, when she saw "something sparkle on the floor."

"I thought, oh, it's a bottle," she told The Current's guest host Anthony Germain.

As Tidmarsh picked it up, the tide was going out and the water was rough. The bottle was covered in seaweed and barnacles, but she could see something inside.

"I put it in my pocket, and took it home," said the 52-year-old.

During her walks, Tidmarsh said she often scans the beach for treasure. She never expected to find anything, however.

When her son came home from work, she showed him her rare find... Read More