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What does cottaging look like across Canada?

Reference: Cottage Life

Folks across Canada like to take advantage of the country’s all-too-short summer by leaving their primary dwellings and escaping to somewhere with a little more wilderness, a little less chaos and, ideally, a lot more relaxation.

But while the need to get away is pretty universal, there are some important differences across the country.

People have different names for where they go

People in much of Ontario and parts of the Maritimes might be shocked to learn this, but “cottage” isn’t a universal term for a summer getaway property. In Newfoundland, parts of BC and most of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the term is “cabin,” thank you very much. In Quebec, not surprisingly, the term is “chalet,” and in northwestern Ontario and parts of New Brunswick, it’s the slightly more rustic-sounding “camp.” Cape Breton, meanwhile, calls them “bungalows.” Other regions will refer to going to “the lake” or “the farm,” depending on the prevailing geography...Read More