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The other Canada? The U.K. has its own little slice of the Great White North

Reference: CTV News

TORONTO -- Residents of the United Kingdom can find their own little slice of Canada just two-and-a-half hours south of London.

In Canada Common, U.K., visitors can walk on the main thoroughfare, named – of course – Canada Road, which leads to Canada Cottage.

Down Canada Road is a chapel, which stands on the edge of a large forest, which holds some notoriety for historians. It’s where Canadian soldiers were stationed in the lead up to D-Day during the Second World War.

A local resident told CTV National News he found out late in life his father was actually Canadian.

“I discovered I wasn’t quite who I thought I was, and that my father was actually a Canadian soldier,” said Ian Marriott to CTV National News. “I’ve taken rather more interest in Canada, both the one we have locally and the country.”

The origins of Canada Common appear to be a bit of mystery.

One theory is that a man named Thomas Bennet crossed the Atlantic, lived in Canada, and upon his return, bestowed the same name onto where he settled back in England... Read More