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P.E.I. U-picks attract curious customers with haskap berry

Reference: CBC News

Two P.E.I. farms offered something new for U-pick this summer: a berry that some say is the next super fruit, called the haskap.

Lynn Townshend, along with her husband Peter and daughter Becky, started Rollo Bay Haskap 11 years ago, after hearing a researcher from the University of Saskatchewan speak about the berries.

Townshend said they originally hoped to harvest the haskap berries mechanically to keep production costs down, but haven't been able to find a harvester that works.

"We realized this year that we didn't want to waste the berries so we went to U-pick," Townshend said.

"We do have a few people picking and we do sell some boxes that are already picked but it puts the cost up high because they're like strawberries, they have to be hand-picked."

Townshend said the response has been "amazing" since they opened in early July, with news of the U-pick spread by word of mouth and social media.

"But they're different than a crop like strawberries or raspberries because people know what those are," Townshend said.

"When people come to the haskap field they're curious, you really have to explain what a haskap berry is because it's a brand-new berry."... Read More