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Official opening for Mountjoy Farmer's Market in Timmins

Reference: CTV News

Canada Day in Timmins had a new focus this year.  There was more of a celebration of home grown talent and cultural roots, including farming.  The event also marked the opening of the Mountjoy Farmer’s Market.  Instead of a ribbon cutting, the cutting of a piece of rhubarb marked the official opening.   The market, located at the Moutjoy Historical Park,  runs every Saturday until Thanksgiving weekend.

Rock Whissel is with the market.  “If you look down the aisle there’s twenty families that are participating this morning.  It’s homemade, it’s homegrown.  It’s their friends and family that are buying from them and showing off their products that they’ve been working all winter on.  So it’s a really heartwarming thing at the same time.  So we’re really proud of it and we’re really happ that people are participating.” says Whissel...Read More