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  • At least 34 people rescued after they became stranded on a floating chunk of ice in Green Bay, Wisc.

    Jan 10/22, Category outdoors

    At least 34 people were rescued on Saturday after being stranded on a large chunk of floating ice off the shore of Point...

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  • Cottagers celebrate completion of shoreline wall near Grand Bend

    Jan 07/22, Category general

    Cathy Purdom admires a 700 foot long steel wall, she and 11 of her neighbours had built to separate them from the raging...

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  • N.Y. cop rescues dog that fell into partially frozen lake

    Jan 06/22, Category general

    Bodycam footage shows how a Lewiston, N.Y.police officer ran on a partially frozen lake to rescue a dog that fell into the...

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  • Young cougars begin new life at Cape Breton wildlife park

    Jan 05/22, Category outdoors general

    MIRA, N.S. - The new year is off to a roaring start at Two Rivers Wildlife Park along the Mira River in Cape Breton, thanks...

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  • Ontario's staycation tax credit is now in effect and this is how it works

    Jan 04/22, Category outdoors finance

    Ontario's staycation tax credit for 2022 is now in effect.Anyone planning a getaway within the province in 2022 could be...

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  • Here are the top things Canadian families are looking for in a cottage rental

    Jan 03/22, Category general

    These days, many families are booking vacations closer to home—especially at cabins or waterfront cottages. The right...

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  • Tiny homes, big dreams: How an Ontario family found freedom in the forests of N.B.

    Dec 31/21, Category outdoors real estate

    Six months ago, Tasha Robitaille and Cory Belcourt left their Ontario home, bought 40 acres of heavily forested land on New...

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  • Halifax Regional Municipality urges residents to stay off frozen lakes, ponds until ice thickness testing resumes

    Dec 30/21, Category outdoors

    The Halifax Regional Municipality is reminding everyone that it is currently not safe to be on frozen lakes and ponds, with...

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  • Hotel owner in New Liskeard shoves a camper into a snowbank to recreate a funny movie scene

    Dec 29/21, Category general

    TIMMINS - Driving northern Ontario highways in winter can be long and lonely at times, so a hotel owner in Temiskaming...

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  • What makes a snowflake unique

    Dec 28/21, Category outdoors

    At the heart of every snowstorm is the delicate snowflake–a white, powdery substance that is a worldwide symbol of winter...

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