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  • This contemporary cabin blends traditional building smarts with new green ideas

    Jun 24/19, Category general

    Standing at the helm of his modest wood-trimmed motorboat, Ian MacDonald navigates the route to his Georgian Bay, Ont.,...

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  • Weekly Hack: Stop a sweating toilet

    Jun 21/19, Category general

    A toilet gets the sweats when warm, humid air in the bathroom hits the cold surface of the tank. Hello, condensation. If...

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  • How to design an eco-cottage

    Jun 20/19, Category outdoors

    You can minimize your impact when building or renovating a cottage using these tips that architect Ian MacDonald used when...

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  • 800 lb. sturgeon caught in B.C.’s Fraser River

    Jun 19/19, Category outdoors

    You may want to think twice about taking a dip in British Columbia’s Fraser River. This week, it was the site of an...

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  • City rolls out plan to tackle invasive species and temporarily preserve Winnipeg’s ash trees

    Jun 17/19, Category general

    The City of Winnipeg’s Insect Control Branch will begin treating ash trees this Monday to stop the spread of a beetle that...

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  • 'There's nothing we can do,' says N.L. couple whose flooded cabin floated away

    Jun 14/19, Category general

    Last spring, the water level in Bottomless Pond in western Newfoundland rose so high it began to flood the cabins along its...

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  • No more bracelets for drinking at 2019 Cavendish Beach Music Festival

    Jun 12/19, Category general

    There will be no bracelets showing that people are of legal drinking age at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival this...

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  • Banning single-use plastics worldwide: What's in and what's out?

    Jun 11/19, Category general

    Thirty-two countries have banned at least some single-use plastics, with many more provinces, states and cities around the...

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  • Bones found in Quebec national park confirmed to be from 1847 shipwreck

    Jun 10/19, Category general

    Human remains discovered in Quebec’s Gaspe region in 2011 and 2016 were those of Irish immigrants who died in a shipwreck in...

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  • Spring flooding not sinking cottage markets in Ontario, Quebec: report

    Jun 07/19, Category general

    TORONTO -- Spring flooding has failed to sink Ontario and Quebec's cottage real estate markets, according to Royal LePage's...

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