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  • Gagetown 'open for business' after flooding, merchants fear lingering effects

    May 24/19, Category general

    As waterfront shops in the village of Gagetown reopen following spring flooding, concern about the lingering effects on the...

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  • This invasive plant in Ontario is super hard to get rid of

    May 23/19, Category general

    Garlic mustard is an invasive plant brought to North America from Europe. Its aggressive growth in natural woodland areas,...

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  • What to do after this spring’s record flooding

    May 22/19, Category general

    After the record flooding this past spring, Canadian cottagers are reckoning with a new normal that means greater risk to...

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  • ‘It’s worse than we could have imagined,’ Cottagers arrive and assess the damage

    May 21/19, Category general

    "It’s worse than we could have imagined.” Bill Jennings arrived in Bracebridge on Friday and immediately began assessing...

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  • Parlee Beach hopes Blue Flag designation restores confidence in water quality

    May 16/19, Category general

    The mayor of Shediac, N.B. says he hopes a Blue Flag designation for Parlee Beachwill help people regain confidence...

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  • What to pack when opening up the cottage

    May 15/19, Category general

    It doesn’t matter whether your cottage has been in the family for 20 years or two years, preparing to open it for the summer...

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  • Are prefab cottages an easier option?

    May 14/19, Category general real estate

    There have been many iterations of prefab cottages cropping up on Canadian lakes—those wooden steepled ceilings and massive...

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  • Buying a vacant lot? Watch out for these red flags

    May 13/19, Category general real estate

    To get the cottage you want, you may be thinking of buying a vacant lot and building from scratch. But buyer beware: even...

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  • A class action lawsuit in B.C. will challenge new speculation tax

    May 10/19, Category general

    As the March 31 deadline approaches for B.C. property owners to file their Speculation and Vacancy Tax declarations, cabin...

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  • How to buy a vacant lot for a cottage

    May 09/19, Category general real estate

    Buy land, build cottage, save money: simple, right? Hold that thought. There’s so much more to this real estate strategy....

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