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  • Canadian ski resorts face labour shortage, government slow to issue working visas

    Oct 25/21, Category outdoors

    VANCOUVER - Canadian ski resorts that rely heavily on international workers are steadying themselves for a labour shortage...

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  • New blue dimes commemorate 100th anniversary of Bluenose

    Oct 22/21, Category general

    OTTAWA -- You could soon have a little splash of blue in your pocket, with a new dime from the Royal Canadian Mint...

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  • Cleaning out the cottage? Turn these items into cash instead of trash

    Oct 21/21, Category general

    As peak season winds down, you may be itching to declutter the cottage and get organized. While it’s important to refresh...

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  • New York State ready for Canadian travellers on Nov. 8 according to tourism council

    Oct 20/21, Category general

    OTTAWA -- Businesses in upstate New York are ready for Canadian travellers once the land border reopens on Nov. 8, according...

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  • How a 19-year-old man is helping Indigenous youth overcome mental health struggles

    Oct 19/21, Category health & wellness

    MOOSE MOUNTAIN PROVINCIAL PARK, SASK. - A 19-year-old man from Ochapowace Nation organized a youth mental health hunt to...

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  • Polar bears in the summer: Vancouver man wins prestigious wildlife photography prize

    Oct 18/21, Category outdoors

    VANCOUVER -- Green grass, blue skies and polar bears.It's not a combination many people picture when thinking of the burly...

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  • Saskatchewan Provincial Parks have seen record visitation in 2021

    Oct 15/21, Category outdoors

    REGINA - While there are still a few months left in 2021, Saskatchewan Provincial Parks said it has already seen more than...

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  • A unique floating sauna made in northern Ont.

    Oct 15/21, Category outdoors

    Sauntoon: A northern Ontario company is making camping dreams come true by combining a cedar sauna with a pontoon...

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  • Relief, uncertainty as U.S. border to reopen in Sault Ste. Marie

    Oct 14/21, Category general

    SAULT STE. MARIE - After a record-long closure due to concerns about COVID-19, the United States will be reopening its land...

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  • Removing massive amounts of fish (and their poop) has altered ocean chemistry: study

    Oct 13/21, Category outdoors

    MONTREAL -- There are not a lot of fish in the ocean. Well, there are, but not as much as there were.McGill University...

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