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  • Experts predict high water levels for the Great Lakes in 2020

    Nov 15/19, Category outdoors

    The latest monthly bulletin about Great Lakes water levels, recently released by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, is...

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  • Why you should ditch your spare key for an electronic lock

    Nov 14/19, Category general

    Adding an electronic lock to an entry door is a fairly easy upgrade that makes a lot of sense at the cottage. There are a...

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  • Is your cottage at high risk of flooding? Consider “wetproofing”

    Nov 13/19, Category general outdoors

    Most flood-proofing advice centres on keeping the water out. But if your property is at risk of severe overland flooding, it...

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  • Weekly Hack: Testing tire treads

    Nov 12/19, Category outdoors

    The snowy season is just around the corner. Or, in cottage country, it may have already arrived. Better slap on the winter...

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  • Wildfire expert explains how to protect your paradise

    Nov 08/19, Category general

    It’s Wildfire Preparedness 2020, which means you and your cottage community can apply for financial assistance until the...

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  • Alaska Airlines will give you priority boarding if you're holding a Starbucks holiday cup

    Nov 07/19, Category general

    The excitement over Starbucks' holiday cups has reached 35,000 feet. Alaska Airlines is offering priority boarding to...

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  • Cottage Q&A: Car vs. moose stats

    Nov 06/19, Category general

    Well, it’s not as common as, say, cars hitting traffic cones during roadwork season. But it does happen wherever roads...

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  • 'Help' stomped in the snow leads search crews to missing couple in B.C.

    Nov 05/19, Category general

    LETHBRIDGE – In a scene plucked right out of a movie, search crews were led to the location of a missing man and woman in...

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  • Pumpkin Pitch in Innisfil

    Nov 04/19, Category general livestock

    A local farm is giving people a fun, unique way to pitch those pumpkins...Watch Video

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  • Decision on water bottling permits coming soon: Yurek

    Nov 01/19, Category general

    TORONTO -- A decision on how to proceed with water bottling permits is expected by early to mid-December, with a review...

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