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  • Teen injured while cliff jumping prompts warning

    Aug 18/22, Category outdoors

    First responders are urging people to be safe after a 19-year-old man nearly lost his life while cliff jumping in Comox...

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  • 9-year-old Everett Freeman is being remembered

    Aug 16/22, Category general

    Weekend search efforts ended in heartbreak when Everett Freeman was found dead after going missing while camping with his...

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  • U.S. authorities working to keep orcas away from 'pollution incident' off Vancouver Island

    Aug 15/22, Category general

    The U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies are responding to a sunken vessel leaking fuel in Haro Strait, between Vancouver...

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  • Stop! Six creepy crawlies you don’t want to squash

    Aug 12/22, Category outdoors

    Curb the knee-jerk reactions! There are some bugs that you just don’t want to squish. Here’s why... Watch Video

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  • B.C. expands speculation and vacancy tax. Here’s how it affects cottagers

    Aug 11/22, Category outdoors

    Cottage owners in Western Canada should take note, B.C. is expanding its speculation and vacancy tax to six new regions...

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  • Board games for a cottage weekend

    Aug 10/22, Category general

    We chat with the Board Room Game Cafe and get suggestions for new board games to try... Watch Video

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  • Victoria-by-the-Sea: Historic port turns into tourism gem on P.E.I.

    Aug 09/22, Category general

    It’s the story of Prince Edward Island in microcosm. Victoria, the tiny port community, is now one of the island’s tourism...

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  • Forest fire has been burning for close to two weeks in central Newfoundland

    Aug 08/22, Category outdoors

    A state of emergency remains in place for central Newfoundland, as well as a provincewide outdoor fire ban, as a...

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  • Are the Great Lakes in danger?

    Aug 05/22, Category general

    Canadians are proud of the Great Lakes, and for good reason—they supply two large countries with a lot of fresh drinking...

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  • How experiencing nature can enhance every aspect of your health

    Aug 04/22, Category general health & wellness

    From lowering your blood pressure to increasing your ability to learn, spending time in nature offers profound health...

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