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  • Families turn to backyard rinks for skating fun

    Jan 15/21, Category general outdoors

    OTTAWA -- It’s a Canadian pastime: what better place to lace up your skates than your very own backyard?With a hockey and...

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  • Australia to kill racing pigeon that crossed the Pacific Ocean from Oregon

    Jan 14/21, Category general

    CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA -- A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometre Pacific Ocean crossing from the United...

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  • BBB warns of rise in online vehicle sales fraud

    Jan 13/21, Category general

    VANCOUVER -- Over the course of the pandemic, British Columbians have been finding new ways of getting away while regular...

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  • Isolation location; demand for ‘two-week rentals’ on the rise

    Jan 12/21, Category general

    HALIFAX -- Self-isolation requirements in the Maritimes have created a new niche market for property rentals, with some...

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  • Orca pod returns to the Broughton Archipelago for first time in more than 20 years

    Jan 11/21, Category general

    VICTORIA -- After more than 20 years, a celebrated orca family has ventured back into an old haunt near the North Island.The...

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  • Carbon monoxide poisoning kills northern Ontario couple winter camping

    Jan 08/21, Category general

    NORTH BAY -- The sister of a North Bay man who tragically died with his girlfriend on New Year’s Day near South River is...

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  • Film festival invites fans to watch movies alone on a Swedish island

    Jan 07/21, Category outdoors

    Taking social distancing to a whole new level, Sweden's Goteborg Film Festival is inviting one cinema fan to spend seven...

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  • Protected areas may not safeguard all that Canadians need them to: research

    Jan 06/21, Category general

    The natural regions Canada protects don't line up that well with where Canadians actually need them, research suggests.A...

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  • Too soon to drive snow machines on lakes, Sudbury police warn

    Jan 05/21, Category general outdoors

    SUDBURY -- After responding to numerous calls about snowmobiles going through the ice, Greater Sudbury Police is reminding...

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  • Living Well: Cross Country Skiing

    Jan 04/21, Category outdoors

    Karin McSherry with the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba tells Hugh what you need to know to get started with the...

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