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  • Skijordue combines Canadian cowboy and European mountain cultures

    Feb 20/20, Category outdoors

    CALGARY -- What do you get when you tether a skier or snowboarder to a galloping horse going upward of 60 kilometres an...

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  • Do you have what it takes to out-fish Bob Izumi?

    Feb 19/20, Category outdoors

    SUDBURY -- The spotlight will be shining on Manitoulin Island on the weekend, Feb. 22 and 23. Fishing legend Bob Izumi will...

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  • Abraham Lake has beautiful methane bubbles and dangers, too

    Feb 18/20, Category general

    The frozen bubbles of Abraham Lake in the Canadian Rockies have attracted a lot of attention, drawing heaps of visitors to...

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  • Weekly Hack: Top 3 tips to solve winter cottage problems

    Feb 14/20, Category general

    Planning one last long weekend winter visit to the cottage? Awesome! Just be prepped to handle these common winter problems,...

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  • What’s open and closed in Waterloo Region on Family Day

    Feb 13/20, Category general

    The Region of Waterloo International Airport will remain open. Grand River Transit will operate on a holiday schedule. The...

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  • Cottage real estate: How Toronto’s boom affects cottage prices

    Feb 12/20, Category general real estate

    If your city has a booming market, nearby cottage real estate prices could also be rising. According to the annual global...

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  • Hundreds still stranded after heavy rains wash out roads

    Feb 11/20, Category general

    HARRISON, B.C. -- Major flooding has caused several washouts on roads around Harrison Lake, leaving hundreds stranded in...

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  • Are you storing your batteries correctly?

    Feb 10/20, Category general

    You got your boat out of the water before ice-up and winterized the engine, but don’t forget that starter and deep-cycle...

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  • Caught on cam: Pair of moose roam St. Albert neighbourhood

    Feb 07/20, Category general

    EDMONTON -- St. Albert's newest residents are a pair of moose who've been spotted by residents wandering the Grandin...

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  • Dog sleuths sniff out crop disease hitting citrus trees

    Feb 05/20, Category general crops/grain

    WASHINGTON -- Dog detectives might be able to help save ailing citrus groves, research published Monday...

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