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  • Hike The Island: Sea Bluff Trail

    Aug 11/20, Category outdoors

    Today's hike is Sea Bluff Trail, a scenic loop that overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca and brings hikers next to a working...

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  • CH-146 Griffon Helicopter rescues stranded canoeists in Algonquin Park

    Aug 10/20, Category general

    OTTAWA -- Two people are in good condition after being rescued from an island in Algonquin Park by a CH-146 Griffon...

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  • Fire chief frustrated with bad lake behaviour

    Aug 07/20, Category general outdoors

    View Royal’s Fire Chief says he wants to start ticketing people at Thetis Lake for rescues that are needed because of...

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  • More than 750 Canadians have received 'unsolicited seeds,' CFIA says

    Aug 07/20, Category general

    TORONTO -- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has received more than 750 reports of unsolicited seeds sent to Canadians...

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  • New cannabis stores set to open in Cottage Country

    Aug 06/20, Category general

    Canadian cannabis company 'Hello Cannabis' has announced two new retail locations in Ontario, and both are located in...

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  • Maritime water quality during hot and dry summer

    Aug 05/20, Category general

    HALIFAX -- Around early August is when most of the Maritimes begins to experience the effects of dry, hot weather on water...

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  • Getting to know the Aulneau: A 6-day paddle around the largest land mass in Lake of the Woods

    Aug 04/20, Category general outdoors

    On Lake of the Woods, there are more than 14,500 islands for paddlers to hide behind if the wind gets too high.The problem...

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  • Friday considered the deadliest day on the roads of long weekends: MPI

    Jul 31/20, Category general

    WINNIPEG -- Manitoba Public Insurance has released data that shows Fridays are the deadliest days of a holiday long...

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  • Purple paradise at a Creemore lavender farm

    Jul 31/20

    CREEMORE, ONT. -- Three acres of purple paradise in Creemore offers sights and smells, unlike anything else.The Purple Hill...

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  • 'Busier than we anticipated': Kayaks, cottages selling as Sask. vacationers head to the lake during COVID-19

    Jul 29/20, Category general

    SASKATOON -- When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Kevin Robinson, owner of Eb’s Source for Adventure, had to make a big...

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