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  • Ice fishing an inexpensive winter hobby, but ice safety is key

    Jan 24/22, Category outdoors

    CARDINAL, ONT. -- On one of the coldest days along the St. Lawrence River in Cardinal, Ont., Dan Delorme and his...

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  • Red Cross swimming program coming to an end in 2022

    Jan 21/22, Category general

    WINNIPEG - The Canadian Red Cross will no longer be providing swimming and lifeguard lessons.The organization has been...

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  • Cold snap gives anglers the green light to cautiously hit the ice

    Jan 20/22, Category outdoors

    Mother Nature's recent cold snap may finally be giving winter anglers what they've been asking for as ice huts start popping...

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  • The Saskatoon SPCA will no longer investigate animal abuse. It's unclear who will

    Jan 19/22, Category general

    SASKATOON - As the city's primary animal welfare organization steps away from its role in investigating cases of animal...

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  • Manitoba/US Border Convoy against Mandate

    Jan 17/22, Category general

    Watch this live video taken from the Manitoba/US Border this morning, January 17 2022.

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  • Every aspect of Canada's supply chain will be impacted by vaccine mandate for truckers, experts warn

    Jan 14/22, Category general

    Industry experts are warning that the federal government's new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for truckers will impact the...

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  • Vaccine mandate for truckers will have exemptions, CBSA says

    Jan 13/22, Category general

    With just days to go before a federal vaccine mandate for truck drivers is set to come into effect, the federal government...

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  • Rise in trail walking over pandemic becomes lasting habit for many in Chatham-Kent

    Jan 13/22, Category general

    WINDSOR, ONT. - Chatham-Kent residents have been enjoying the outdoors during the pandemic with more than 420,000 walks...

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  • Winter running 101: What you need to know

    Jan 12/22, Category outdoors

    With gyms still closed, you may be thinking about other ways to get out and stay active.Winter running is a cost-effective...

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  • Proceeds from charity ice-fishing event in Manitoba missing

    Jan 11/22, Category outdoors

    Manitoba’s fishing community wants to know what happened to the proceeds from a charity tournament earmarked for the...

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