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  • Invasive giant bee-eating hornets nest found in Nanaimo, B.C.

    Sep 20/19, Category general

    NANAIMO, B.C. - A nest of invasive Asian giant hornets has been discovered and destroyed in a park south of Nanaimo,...

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  • 4 steps for loading your boat back onto your trailer

    Sep 19/19, Category outdoors

    Are you ready to take the boat out of the lake for the season? Depending where you are you may be able to eke out a few more...

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  • NDP leader behind jeers at rural expo: Doug Ford

    Sep 18/19, Category general

    VERNER, Ont. - Premier Doug Ford picked a political fight with Ontario's opposition leader at a normally non-partisan rural...

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  • U.S. strikes against GM 'may very well' come to Canada in 2020, Unifor president says

    Sep 17/19, Category general

    TORONTO -- The massive employee strike that hit General Motors in the U.S. on Monday could migrate to Canada next year if...

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  • Concrete blocks to be installed along Erie Shore Drive in Chatham-Kent

    Sep 16/19, Category general

    Public works crews in Chatham-Kent are shoring up sections of Erie Shore Drive in anticipation of future flooding. A State...

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  • From near-drowning to cave diving: Canadian explorer chronicles life underwater

    Sep 13/19, Category general

    Long before she dove inside icebergs and explored the world’s underwater caves, Jill Heinerth’s potential was almost cut...

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  • Invasive Asian giant hornets found on Vancouver Island

    Sep 12/19, Category general

    For the first time ever, Asian giant hornets have been discovered on Vancouver Island. The invasive species was found in...

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  • Weekly Hack: Quickly de-gunk your grill

    Sep 10/19, Category general

    You’re almost ready to cook your steaks but—ew!—somebody left you a dirty barbecue. Quick, before you pre-heat, grab some...

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  • Man paddleboards across the Pacific Ocean

    Sep 09/19, Category general

    Paddle boarding across the lake on a calm day is a difficult enough endeavour. Now, imagine trying to paddle board 4,500...

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  • Moviegoers may have saved a life at a Halifax theatre

    Sep 06/19, Category general

    A Halifax man says going to see a movie may have saved his life. Earl Kiely accompanied his spouse, Janet Bousquet, to the...

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