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Cottage Q&A: Best shed foundations

Reference: Cottage Life

We’re planning to put up a shed (12-by-20-feet). We have received various ideas as to what this structure should sit on: concrete blocks; a layer of stone or gravel; dig down six inches, and then fill with gravel. Which one is the best suggestion?—Don Whelan, via email

We asked Cottage Life’s star builder Wayne Lennox, who designed “The Little Shed that Could” in our Oct. ’19 print issue. (You read it, right?)

“That one is easy,” he says. None of the above. Because the best suggestion is, of course, to get a building permit—since the shed is 240 sq. ft. in size, you’ll need one—and then, based on any restrictions or requirements from your building department, decide from there. Some municipalities might require that you anchor your shed to the ground (with rebar, for example); or the permit could dictate where on your lot you can build, and that could dictate what you have to do to accommodate the conditions of the build site. Is the ground soft? Rocky? Level? Gently sloped?... Read More