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B.C. may see more stink bugs than in past years, scientist suggests

Reference: CTV News

Stink bugs are a nuisance in the house, but Hueppelsheuser confirmed that’s all they are, because they don’t sting or bite. Ultimately, they are just resting.

They’ve earned their infamous reputation because “they smell like cilantro when you squish them, or stinky cheese, or old socks.”

The provincial government still wants the public to kill them, because they can affect plant, fruit and vegetable growth.

But remember that squashing them can cause a stink.

“I’m just saying that it could become overwhelming if you try to kill every one you see,” said Hueppelsheuser. “I’m just gonna take the pressure off you, and not ask you to kill every single one you see.”

To avoid the smell, the bugs can be picked-up with a tissue, and then put in soapy water... Read More