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B.C. announces rent assistance for rural recreational businesses

Reference: CTV News

VICTORIA -- The B.C. government says it's giving an additional $1.87 millon in rent breaks to commercial recreation operators who are eligible.

Businesses like fishing lodges, guest ranches and seasonal campgrounds that hold Land Act tenures or Park Act permits may be eligible to have the annual base rent they pay the province waived for one year.

The government says the rent forgiveness would affect more than 400 businesses operating on Crown land.

Lands Minister Katrine Conroy says in a statement that the assistance will help rural communities affected by travel restrictions recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

"Our government has identified another 438 commercial recreation operators that are eligible for rent forgiveness as part of this initiative," said Conroy. "These businesses contribute significantly to rural economies, and this assistance will help remote communities recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19."... Read More