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A clean getaway: How to make your cottage stay more eco-friendly

Reference: CBC News

Ontarians go to the "cottage," Albertans head to a "cabin" and Quebeckers hang out in a "chalet." The concept has different names across the country, but the general idea is to find a rustic, secluded oasis. It's a way to reconnect with nature and it's become a summer ritual for many Canadians.

In order to get there, though, we drive for hours in a car loaded with people, pets and provisions. Once there, we typically keep ourselves busy with activities like boat rides and fishing, as well as munching on our favourite snacks dockside, which means having to deal with the packaging afterward.

Indeed, many of us don't realize that this quintessential Canadian tradition comes with a cost to the environment.

Liann Bobechko, deputy editor of Cottage Life magazine, acknowledges that what is meant to be a return to nature also has an ecological downside. But she said that "climate change is on everyone's mind for cottagers."..Read More