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7 climate issues affecting Canadians right now

Reference: Cottage Life

It’s no secret that weather in Canada has gotten weird.

Temperatures are climbing, heavy rainfalls are on the rise, and freak snowstorms are becoming an unwelcome guest during patio season—and these strange weather patterns can be traced back to climate change. That means that unreliable forecasts for long-weekend weather, while annoying, are the least of our worries. The simple fact is that Canada’s climate is warming at twice the global rate. And while those of us who aren’t huddled along the US border might welcome longer summers and a few extra degrees of warmth during the winter, experts warn that the effects of climate change in Canada are deeper and more dire than many of us realize.

So to help move the dial, we’ve partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation to examine some of the effects that we, as both cottagers and Canadians, can expect to see more of if we don’t learn what we can do about it and take action... Read More