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JUN. 23/17 A swarm of 20,000 bees left their hives and went wandering around Halifax
JUN. 23/17 False alarm: "crocodile" reported in Canadian marsh turns out to be a truck tire
JUN. 23/17 Nova Scotia town considering deer contraceptives after population explosion
JUN. 22/17 The pros and cons of essential oil-based bug repellents
JUN. 22/17 Quebec fights the emerald ash borer with new pilot project
JUN. 22/17 8 ways to help trees at your cottage
JUN. 21/17 Thinking about buying a cabin? Prepare to shell out
JUN. 21/17 Alberta cottages priciest in Canada, at over $800K: Royal LePage
JUN. 21/17 Beaver disrupts Saskatchewan wedding by chewing down power line
JUN. 20/17 15 prairie towns every Canadian should visit
JUN. 20/17 Watch the dramatic storm that blew through Southern Ontario this weekend
JUN. 20/17 Bear helps RCMP nab suspect in B.C.
JUN. 19/17 DIY cottage bottle opener
JUN. 19/17 Start a fire with nothing but a sandwich bag and water
JUN. 19/17 Trout found eating mice in Nova Scotia
JUN. 16/17 This giant golden egg is actually a secret sauna
JUN. 16/17 Turn a Mason jar into a lantern with these simple steps
JUN. 16/17 Officials finalizing sandbag removal plan
JUN. 15/17 Think twice before you use a bristle BBQ brush
JUN. 15/17 The pie iron takes campfire cooking to the next level
JUN. 15/17 Arrow successfully removed from head of pregnant deer in Vancouver
JUN. 14/17 Watch out for baby rabbits the next time you mow your lawn
JUN. 14/17 How to fix your damaged hardwood floors
JUN. 14/17 4 iconic Canadian species we love to hate on
JUN. 13/17 How to build the perfect fire pit
JUN. 13/17 Avoid these mistakes when cleaning your barbecue
JUN. 13/17 Here's how to make bread in a tin can
JUN. 12/17 Thousands of lobsters spill onto Nova Scotia highway
JUN. 12/17 Watch a bald eagle take a swim in Belcarra, B.C.
JUN. 12/17 Sophisticated bear plays piano after breaking into home
JUN. 09/17 Need to stock up on duct tape? Here are our favourite brands
JUN. 09/17 Watch a rehabilitated heron take its first steps back into the wild
JUN. 09/17 Get your dockside bar stocked for summer
JUN. 08/17 This DIY firewood rack is perfect for the cottage!
JUN. 08/17 Deer charges man and two dogs to protect fawn
JUN. 08/17 Two bears break window to get into B.C. home
JUN. 07/17 Flooding imminent at Penticton Yacht Club
JUN. 07/17 Motorist fined for feeding french fries to a bear in Kootenay National Park
JUN. 07/17 Photos capture bison protecting her newborn from a coyote
JUN. 06/17 8 amazing places to surf in Canada
JUN. 06/17 Tour this quirky treehouse outside of Port Perry
JUN. 06/17 Never neglect your plants again with this DIY wine bottle waterer
JUN. 05/17 9 ways to be a terrible cottage guest
JUN. 05/17 Nova Scotia woman uses army of guinea fowl to protect her farm from ticks
JUN. 05/17 Fire causes 600k damage, destroying Bone Island cottage
JUN. 02/17 Canada's best islands for campers
JUN. 02/17 The federal government spends $4 million on Lyme disease research
JUN. 02/17 The most common grilling disasters—and how to avoid them
JUN. 01/17 The Canadian bucket list: essential places to see in your lifetime
JUN. 01/17 Turn a Mason jar into a lantern with these simple steps
JUN. 01/17 7 pantry staples to store out of the fridge
MAY. 31/17 The strangest boozy products we've ever seen
MAY. 31/17 Neighbours rescue trapped moose calf from a snowdrift in Newfoundland
MAY. 31/17 This photographer drove across the country for Canada 150, and the resulting images are stunning
MAY. 30/17 Long Point hamlet bands together save endangered Blanding's turtles
MAY. 30/17 10 ways to keep your cottage safe from break-ins
MAY. 30/17 6 spooky mysteries of the Great Lakes
MAY. 29/17 Our favourite rhubarb cocktails: the rhubarb mojito
MAY. 29/17 Canada's most breathtaking boat tours
MAY. 29/17 Moose eats Canada 150 tribute garden
MAY. 26/17 How to protect your gear from bears
MAY. 26/17 Saskatchewan puppy receives blood transfusion after being bitten by over 700 ticks
MAY. 26/17 10 quirky facts about living in Canada
MAY. 25/17 14-year-old boy drowns after canoe overturns in Newfoundland
MAY. 25/17 Carp filmed swimming on flooded Toronto Island baseball diamonds
MAY. 25/17 Two newborn moose saved after mom hit by car in B.C.
MAY. 24/17 How to put down your phone, ignore emails, and actually enjoy the cottage
MAY. 24/17 Biologists are enlisting the help of "citizen scientists" to help conduct a massive nature survey
MAY. 24/17 Watch this family of ducks do the world's cutest cannonballs
MAY. 23/17 May run? 'It's a Timmins phrase' for the long weekend
MAY. 23/17 Officers believe wolves are being poisoned in B.C.
MAY. 23/17 Hiking trails across Canada can now be experienced online
MAY. 19/17 Stormy weather leave thousands in dark in Ontario and Quebec
MAY. 19/17 To buy or rent a cottage? These 5 questions will help you decide
MAY. 19/17 This giant golden egg is actually a secret sauna
MAY. 18/17 'Netflix Download Zones' coming to Ontario cottage country for summer long weekends
MAY. 18/17 'Wild Child' summer camp gets kids outside in P.E.I.
MAY. 18/17 8 reasons to love Algonquin Provincial Park
MAY. 17/17 Crews battle 3 suspicious fires in RM of St. Andrews Tuesday morning
MAY. 17/17 No flood relief for cottage owners in Renfrew County
MAY. 17/17 Banff grizzly who interrupted high school rugby practice will continue to roam free
MAY. 16/17 Experts urge caution before rebuilding on floodplain
MAY. 16/17 Curious bear knocks on window, demands brownies
MAY. 16/17 New video shows narwhals using tusks to hunt
MAY. 15/17 Unconventional ways to embrace the outdoors this summer
MAY. 15/17 Black bear gets stuck in car, honks for help
MAY. 15/17 Buying a cottage? Here's what 300K gets you across the country
MAY. 12/17 Full effect of flooding on Ottawa Valley homes, cottages still not known
MAY. 12/17 How do you extend the life of an untreated cedar deck?
MAY. 12/17 9 of the most photogenic national parks in Canada
MAY. 11/17 Here's how to deal with a fallen tree on your shoreline
MAY. 11/17 Banff wolf pack's numbers have gone from eleven to two in a single year
MAY. 11/17 Mountain bikers film epic run-in with charging bear
MAY. 10/17 Flooded home owners encouraged to document everything
MAY. 10/17 Whirling disease spreading among fish in Alberta's National Parks
MAY. 10/17 Grizzly chases group of hikers and their dog in Banff
MAY. 09/17 Cottage owners angry about being shut out of Ontario disaster relief fund
MAY. 09/17 Man films black bear with four cubs in Labrador
MAY. 09/17 New 12-pack combines craft beer from across the country to celebrate Canada's 150th
MAY. 08/17 Black bear shot after its den was intentionally set on fire

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