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JAN. 19/18 Young moose released back into the wild in Quebec
JAN. 19/18 7 out-of-this-world stargazing events you can only see in the winter
JAN. 19/18 Cottage fees in Manitoba provincial parks won't increase for at least another 2 years: environment minister
JAN. 18/18 Millennium moose becomes tacky tourist in Bermuda
JAN. 18/18 Rescuers free a goose found frozen into the ice on Lake Ontario shore
JAN. 18/18 'May contain lead' may end up on maple syrup labels
JAN. 17/18 Prevent window condensation at the cottage this winter
JAN. 17/18 Create the perfect natural outdoor skating rink this winter
JAN. 17/18 Scientists may have made a discovery that will help save Canada's bat population
JAN. 16/18 Be a cheese wiz with this Queso Fundido
JAN. 16/18 7 ways to upgrade your traditional hot chocolate this winter
JAN. 16/18 Mysterious "ice quakes" crack the ground open in Alberta
JAN. 15/18 What you need to know before taking the Polar Bear Dip
JAN. 15/18 Quebec city ice hotel catches fire, somehow
JAN. 15/18 Parks Canada wants to know what you think should replace iconic Glacier Park Lodge
JAN. 12/18 Here's how to properly clean a cast-iron pan
JAN. 12/18 Cottage Q&A: Mouse trap tips
JAN. 12/18 "Super blue blood moon eclipse" to grace western Canadian skies
JAN. 11/18 Model T snowmobile rides again in Labrador
JAN. 11/18 More tales from Canada's cold snap
JAN. 11/18 Injured golden eagle rescued in Kamloops
JAN. 10/18 This fox was nurtured back to health after being hit by a car
JAN. 10/18 This adorable pine marten was rescued by Hope for Wildlife
JAN. 10/18 Watch as this adorable baby moose acts like a puppy
JAN. 09/18 These are some of Canada's most spectacular lakes for ice fishing
JAN. 09/18 Good samaritans rescue elk herd from frozen reservoir
JAN. 09/18 Over 100 Nova Scotians work together to save beached whale
JAN. 08/18 10 times geese were the least Canadian animals ever
JAN. 08/18 Watch a group of snowmobilers rescue a moose stuck in deep snow
JAN. 08/18 These avocado toast recipes are packed with flavour
JAN. 05/18 117 smuggled turtles intercepted at Windsor border since 2012
JAN. 05/18 Snowy owl rescued from truck grille in Regina
JAN. 05/18 10 items every Canadian should keep in their car when driving to the cottage this winter
JAN. 04/18 8 foods that taste delicious on the grill in winter
JAN. 04/18 The best winter destinations for people who don't ski or snowboard
JAN. 04/18 Parks Canada to open 2018 camping reservations Wednesday
JAN. 03/18 New Brunswick woman uses border-collie dogsled to go through Tim Hortons drivethru By Jessica Faulds SHARE
JAN. 03/18 Brrr! Tales from Canada's cold snap
JAN. 03/18 Vancouver sees spike in barred owl sightings
JAN. 02/18 Watch as orphaned bears make a den for hibernation
JAN. 02/18 Saint Nick the snowy owl makes daring prison escape
JAN. 02/18 Calgary man's freezing-bubble video goes viral
DEC. 29/17 Watch this sea lion who was found near death get released back into the ocean
DEC. 29/17 B.C. implements a permanent ban on grizzly bear hunting
DEC. 29/17 Buying a cottage in 2018? Here's what you need to do now
DEC. 28/17 How to buy and serve cheap wine that tastes great
DEC. 28/17 B.C.'s Cob Cottage named Canada's most sought-after Airbnb listing
DEC. 28/17 7 winter activities for adventurous Canadians
DEC. 27/17 Buying a cottage in 2018? Here's what you need to do now
DEC. 27/17 This beer and back bacon poutine is the ultimate Canadian comfort food
DEC. 27/17 Here are the winners of the 2017 Cottage Life photo contest
DEC. 22/17 Beavers may be making the effects of climate change worse
DEC. 22/17 The best winter destinations for people who don't ski or snowboard
DEC. 22/17 6 unique Christmas traditions from Newfoundland and Labrador
DEC. 21/17 Polar bears spotted on Alaskan airport's runway
DEC. 21/17 These types of alcohol will give you the worst hangovers
DEC. 21/17 Here are some of our favourite cottage moments
DEC. 20/17 B.C. cottage is Canada's most wish-listed Airbnb property
DEC. 20/17 Festive holiday display turns heads in Sydney for nearly four decades
DEC. 20/17 Man credits dog for escaping cottage fire in Roseneath
DEC. 19/17 This DIY Mason jar lid ornament is the perfect addition to your Christmas tree
DEC. 19/17 British Columbia otter pups need help to make it through the winter
DEC. 19/17 Saskatchewan man finds house in his field
DEC. 18/17 A guide to winter craft beers
DEC. 18/17 Five cozy gifts for a cold Canadian winter
DEC. 18/17 Vancouver sees spike in barred owl sightings
DEC. 15/17 London woman finds unexpected visitor occupying her cat's bed
DEC. 15/17 These 8 movies will calm your nerves this holiday season
DEC. 15/17 Deer rescued from frozen lake
DEC. 14/17 Nunavut caribou herd recently listed as endangered
DEC. 14/17 Nova Scotia man saves dogs from coyote attack
DEC. 14/17 Nature Conservancy of Canada combats invasive species with free Christmas trees
DEC. 13/17 Meat from Nova Scotia moose cull will help families in need
DEC. 13/17 How to fix your damaged hardwood floors
DEC. 13/17 9 of the most photogenic national parks in Canada
DEC. 12/17 This Alaskan tiny house is full of space-saving storage ideas
DEC. 12/17 These 12 rustic washrooms will inspire your next reno
DEC. 12/17 10 energy-efficient hacks to slash your heating bill this winter
DEC. 11/17 Ski resort in Alberta charged with cutting down endangered trees
DEC. 11/17 7 winter activities for adventurous Canadians
DEC. 11/17 How to navigate the first snowy drive of the season
DEC. 08/17 Manitoba battles province for its polar bears
DEC. 08/17 DIY Mason jar tissue dispenser
DEC. 08/17 Recipe: Roasted Tomatoes on Goat Cheese
DEC. 07/17 5 ways your cottage can make you money
DEC. 07/17 Winter activities for your whole family
DEC. 07/17 Tips for improving indoor air quality
DEC. 06/17 36 pieces of outdoor gear that prove the future is here
DEC. 06/17 How to keep your cat from killing your plants
DEC. 06/17 Two 100-year-old shipwrecks found in Lake Huron
DEC. 05/17 This Great Lake is the most challenging to paddle
DEC. 05/17 Wake 'n' bake with these refrigerator bran muffins
DEC. 05/17 Free admission to Canada's national parks for visitors 17 and under in 2018
DEC. 04/17 10 reasons to escape to the cottage this holiday season
DEC. 04/17 Winter destinations in Canada that will make you forget Florida exists
DEC. 04/17 Quirky ways that each province embraces Canadian winter
DEC. 01/17 Nunavut woman encounters polar bear while grocery shopping
DEC. 01/17 This area of Canada is becoming known for its truly gigantic salmon
DEC. 01/17 Get your Christmas tree from this national park this year
NOV. 30/17 Dutch baby two ways: make it sweet or savoury

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